Creative Team: Jen Schinkel, Luke Zegers, Celeste Bizarro & Brylle Burcelango

Glaciers and Arctic ice are melting at a rapid speed, causing rising water levels on the east coast and more frequent wildfires on the west coast. 

National Geographic estimates that glaciers will melt by 2035.

NHL will relocate and rebrand teams due to wildfires or rising sea levels in their area. 



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The new logos will take significant characteristics from their relocation and will also keep the same colours as their original hometown.

During NHL Green Week, teams will be playing in their new hometowns, in their new jerseys to support Game Plan 2035.

Green Week Game Tickets

Players in their rebranded jerseys during the Green Week Game

Limited-time apparel, made from Adidas X Parley, supporting Game Plan 2035

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